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TONGUE CLEANER SET 2 PCS gubb out of stock

As tongue is the primary source of bad breath, it needs to be cleaned properly. Now get this stylish set of 2 pcs of Y-shaped ‘tongue scrapper online’



  1. Removes bacteria on your tongue to avoid ‘oral hygiene’ problems
  2. Removes bad breath
  3. Enables access right to the back of the ‘tongue’ where most odour causing bacteria resides


How to use

  1. Begin with scraping from the back of your tongue to the front
  2. Rinse the ‘tongue cleaner’ after every stroke
  3. Do this repeatedly for 2-3 times


Tip to use

Foremost thing to do every morning before eating or drinking.


Now get this set of ‘tongue scrapper online’

Best tongue cleaner with good grip.. Truly serves the purpose.

Jaya S , On Amazon -

Very good tongue cleaner. Perfectly fits in the mouth. Tongue friendly & travel friendly.

Manisha , On Amazon -

It's a very nice tongue cleaner. I am a dentist and I recommend this product for tongue cleaning. I used it myself and it's appropriate for the purpose.

Neha G , On Nykaa -
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