Special Festive Offer 1

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GUBB Special Combo includes:

ROUND HAIR BRUSH (STYLER RANGE): Experiment different ‘hair styles’ with this ‘round hair brush’. Features soft bristles that penetrate into hair texture and gives your scalp a soothing feel. Uses: Detangles your hair with ease. Adds curl and volume to straight hair. Straightens curly or wavy hair. Perfect for back brushing.

PEDICURE KIT: Make this ‘pedicure kit’ yours to pamper your feet the best possible way. It contains: Toe ‘nail clipper’ to trim your nails easily and smoothly. ‘Foot file’ to give you smooth and soft feet. A pair of ‘toe nail spacer’. A ‘nail shaper’. A ‘nail brush’. How to use: Clean your feet. Trim your nails. Shape them using a ‘nail file’. Remove dead skin and callus using a ‘foot file’. Paint your nails using ‘toe nail spacers’.

MANICURE KIT 4 IN 1: This 4 in 1 ‘manicure kit’ offers you a quick and complete solution to your ‘nails at home’. ‘Nail cutter’ to trim your nails. ‘Nail file’ to shape your nails. ‘Cuticle trimmer’ to prepare your cuticles. ‘3 way nail buffer’ to give shine to your nails and buff away the ridges!