GUBB Travel Combo


Now get the most out of our travelling range at less price. GUBB USA presents to you the new Travel Combo to make your travelling comfortable like never before. This combo contains GUBB USA 3 in 1 Sleeping kit, pack of 2 Travel bottles and one Cosmetic ‘travel pouch’.
Travel bottles
Easy to carry favourite products with you on vacations or to work, avoid carrying excessive weight of heavy bottles. One bottle comes with a spray cap and the other one with a pump. Comes with ID stickers to label the bottles.
Sleeping kit
It contains a comfortable 'neck pillow' to sleep in comfort, an 'eye mask' to sleep in tranquillity and 'ear plugs' to sleep in peace. Silicone 'ear plugs' that provides a better fit to the ear. Its high anti-noise quality saves you from loads of noise pollution in your surroundings. Each 'ear plug' is designed in such a way to help you get a hushed sleep at night especially while travelling. Grab this kit online next time you plan to take a flight to travel in the lap of style and comfort. This kit makes travel smooth and easy when travelling long distance and varying time zones.
Cosmetic travel pouch
Its cushioned fabric prevents damage to glass bottles during travelling. Lightweight and 'compact kit' comes in attractive colour. Use this soft 'makeup pouch' to carry your precious cosmetics in your purse or cabin luggage.
GUBB USA grooming range is specially designed to meet modern needs and to make personal grooming a fun task than just boring routine. All our products encourage the habit of Do It Yourself (DIY) grooming in the comfort of your home, also great for people who travel frequently. With GUBB you deserve to be pampered and be beautiful inside out, all day every day!