GUBB Nail Care combo


Love to flaunt your beautiful hands? Now you can get the most out of our nail products. This combo is made just for you to get ‘manicure’ at home. No need to waste time in ‘salons’ when you can grab this GUBB USA Nail care combo. It includes- Finger ‘Nail Clipper’, ‘Nail File’ with ‘Cuticle trimmer’, ‘Nail Buffer’ and a Nail ‘Pusher’.
Use ‘Nail cutter’ made up of supreme quality steel having smart cutting edges that can cut even the hard nails with ease.
Use ‘Nail filer’ to give your nails an attractive shape.
Use ‘Cuticle trimmer’ to safely trim the cuticles on the base of your nails.
Use ‘Nail buffer’ and ‘Pusher’ to give your nails a polished look and remove dead skin.

Nail file + Cuticle remover
This ‘cuticle trimmer’ features sharp V-shaped blade that safely and quickly trims cuticles and hangnails. The ‘cuticle trimmer’ is made of stainless steel head. Double side ‘nail file’ with different roughness to meet your needs. Also includes protective cap for 'cuticle trimmer'.
Nail buffer
"Side one: File – perfect for getting your nails to your preferred shape. Square or rounded, this is the side to use to shape your nail.
Side two: Buff – run this side along your entire nail to help buff away any ridges or peeling. Take care not to overdo it though, as excessive buffing can damage the nail.
Side three: Polish – uses a finer buffer to help smooth down the new nail surface and reach any tiny imperfections missed by the buffing step.
Side four: Shine – the final step works to leave a beautiful sheen on your nails so that they’re ready for a slick of polish!"
Nail pusher
Soften cuticle with oil, or by soaking hands in warm water. Lay the curved end flat on the nail and gently push back and lift. Using pointed end scrape excess cuticle away.

GUBB USA grooming range is specially designed to meet modern needs and to make personal grooming a fun task than just boring routine. All our products encourage the habit of Do It Yourself (DIY) grooming in the comfort of your home, also great for people who travel frequently. With GUBB you deserve to be pampered and be beautiful inside out, all day every day!