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Along with brushing, cleaning the food particles between the teeth is also important. Now use this superior quality ‘dental floss pick’ to maintain overall oral hygiene.

  1. Made with two lines of extra strong floss, which work together to help lift food particles from between the teeth and below the gum line, for a whiter smile.
  2. With a fold away toothpick, this ‘dental floss’ has been specially designed to allow easy access to those hard to reach places.


How to use

  1. Gently slide the 'dental floss' between the teeth in a zigzag motion
  2. Be careful not to let the floss snap or pop between teeth.


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Comfortable & easy to use than string floss

Sankruti , On Amazon -

Its easy and recommended. Dental care is an important aspect for maintaining oral hygiene. Its a good product for flossing. Easy and handy!

Manali A , On Nykaa -

This is a must have. Happy that GUBB USA is having dental floss. Floss are affordable compared to interdental brushes. I use it daily to get rid off particles stuck between my teeth as per my dentist advice. Easy to use.

Shanmuga P , On Nykaa -

Must have for everyone. GUBB USA is a saviour! Love this floss, so handy.

Sushmita D , On Nykaa -

This is the best floss available, removes plague, keeps my teeth clean.

Siddhesh C , On Nykaa -
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