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GUBB USA Introducing Baby Manicure Kit for easy and comfortable grooming of your babies nails in one go! This Kit comes with a baby nail clipper, scissors and a nail filer. All items of this kit are made from BPA free plastic and international quality standard which is safe for your child. The small size of the kit & box makes it travel friendly. Comes in a cute pink color for your girl child & Blue Color for your Boy Child. The high quality stainless steel makes these items strong, durable and rust free. NAIL CUTTER - 1. Sized For Tiny Nails: As an infant nails are small in size, this nail clipper is specially designed to fit small baby’s nails. 2. Comfortable Grip: The broad rubber handle of the nail clipper provides a comfortable grip and prevents your thumb from moving. SCISSORS- 1. Blunt Ends: This scissor is designed with rounded ends to cut nails along with baby’s safety. 2. Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle of the scissor is designed for comfortable handling to fit easily on your hand. NAIL FILER - 1. High Quality Nail Filer: It is advised to file the rough edges of nails after cutting them to prevent baby from accidental scratching. With our nail filer you can file your babies nails easily. 2. Comfortable Handle: The comfortable handle provides you utmost control while filing babies nails.
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