About Us

“Some things will always remain Unfettered. Like Sunshine & Joy, Like Sharing & Caring. Some things will never Recognize the Confines of Space & Time. Like Human Endeavour and enterprise, like the Desire to Touch Life.”

GUBB USA, The International Grooming Range is specifically designed to meet Modern needs and to make Personal Grooming a Fun task. All our products Encourage the Habit of Do It Yourself (DIY) Grooming in the comfort of your home. They are also Great for People who Loves to Travel with a Fine Panache.

GUBB USA is Available in Six Broad Categories: Hair, Bath, Face, Foot, Nail & Travel. Being your own Beautician is just a Click away on our Official website.

The Brand is crafted to Invent the Diva in you without having to spend money on Salons. Discover the new Beauty trends with our products as the search for new trends never ends.

With GUBB, You can Experiment Different Styles, Groom yourself the right way, Be in Vogue, Rework your Skin Care Regime, Feel Confident & Be the Best Version of Yourself!

GUBB USA has been developed to Recharge You & Brighten You. We aim for the single & foremost strategy to take care of you because you deserve to Be Beautiful Inside Out, All day Everyday!


We aim for the single and foremost strategy to take care of you because you deserve to

Be beautiful inside out, all day everyday!

Dr. Morepen - A fast Growing Company in OTC and Diagnostics, serving you since More than 30 Years, Now Introduces in India- GUBB USA. We are taking our expertise and experience in wellness to new countries and to new people. In doing so, our spirit of caring is crossing boundaries.

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