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how to prepare a perfect toiletries kit?

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Some people travel in order to gain experience, some travel because they want to learn the language, cuisine or culture of that particular place, some people travel because they want to explore new things and do some adventure while some travel to meet their relatives.

In this blog, we will share with you some basic things to be included in your toiletries kit, how to establish your permanent toiletries kit without missing anything before going on a trip, and some tips on how to pack your toiletries kit so that it occupies least possible space and simultaneously nothing has to be left out.

Before starting with a trip, it is very important to plan the trip like number of days of travel, which place to travel, mode of travel and then accordingly you have to plan the things to carry with you. Irrespective of the place to travel, there are certain things which are mandatory to be carried, your toiletriesToiletries include all those things which are used to clean and groom your body like soap, shampoo, tooth brush, toothpaste etc. These articles are used on a daily basis and therefore should be packed very carefully. Missing out any article can be problematic for you.

items in toletries, things in toiletries

Starting with the basics to be included in your toiletries kit, here is a list of things you should add into your toiletries kit

  • Toothbrush– Prefer a toothbrush which is small in size or can be folded so that it acquires minimum space.

travel toothbrush, portable toothbrush

  • Toothpaste– Prefer a tube which is small in size or you can also go with toothpaste tablets or toothpaste sachets. Also, you can prefer a kit which contains both toothbrush and toothpaste as shown in the picture.

travel oral kit, portable oral kit

  • Tongue Cleaner– Try to manage a small or foldable tongue scraper so that it acquires minimum space. GUBB USA provides a wide range of tongue cleaners as per your requirement.

foldable tongue cleaner, portable tongue cleaner, travel tongue scraper

  • Floss– It is not only important for your oral hygiene but can also be used as string for sewing small holes.

travel dental floss, portable dental floss

  • Body wash or soap– If carrying liquid is not an issue, prefer body wash over soaps. Look for a body wash which is small in size and suits your skin type. You can also go with a soap which is small in size and suits your skin type. Try to hack a small sized bar or half a piece of a normal sized bar instead of purchasing those costly travel bars from the shops.

travel body wash, portable body wash

  • Face wash or cleanser- When you are on a trip, your diet and your sleeping pattern change and you use more of public transport. In that case, break outs are normal. To minimize those break outs, you should keep your face clean. You can carry your favorite face wash or cleanser which suits your skin type. Prefer small size bottles and if your favorite face wash or cleanser is not available in small bottles, you can transfer the required amount in a small travel bottle.

face cleanser, travel face wash, travel face cleanser

  • Razor- If you can manage a few days without shaving, you can avoid carrying a razor or try to get a good wax before leaving for the trip.
  • Body lotion- Carry your favorite body lotion as per your skin requires in a small bottle or tube.

travel body lotion, portable body lotion

  • Facial moisturizer- Try to get a facial moisturizer which has in built SPF so that you do not have to carry a sun screen. If possible try getting a facial moisturizer which can be used during both day and night.

travel face lotion, face cream, face moisturizer

  • Deodorant or perfume- Try to carry a perfume which occupies minimum space.

travel perfume, portable perfume

  • Q-tips and cotton pads- In order to clean your makeup and ears keep a handful of them in a zip lock pack instead of directly placing them in your toiletries kit.
  • Tissues- Keep few tissues in a zip lock pack.

travel tissues, tissue pack

  • Hand sanitizer- While travelling, you might face a situation where you have to eat but do not get any place to wash your hands. In that case you can use a hand sanitizer.

sanitizer, travel sanitizer, portable sanitizer

  • Medicines- If you take some medicines in your routine, pack your medicines according to the number of days of travel in a small pouch.


  • Try to arrange a toiletries kit which is small in size. Large toiletries kit occupies more space and therefore it becomes inconvenient to carry it.

travel kit, toiletries bag, travel bag

  • The plan of packing your toiletries kit should be in accordance with your packing goals. If you are planning carry-on only then pack your liquid items in a separate toiletries kit.
  • Try to compartmentalize your toiletries kit. It will keep you organized during your complete trip.

If you travel very often then we would suggest you to maintain a permanent toiletries kit. Follow these steps in order to maintain your permanent toiletries kit-

  • Prepare a list of all the basic items to be included in your toiletries kit. Include seasonal items also in your list.
  • Gather the items listed by you.
  • Make sure that you do not use those items in your daily routine.
  • Arrange small travel bottles or containers in order to pour your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion etc.

small bottles, portable bottles

  • Wrap the liquid item bottles in a plastic bag in case of undesired leakage.
  • Add only those items in your permanent toiletries kit which you have already used. Being on a trip and then realizing that you are allergic to something can be problematic for you.
  • After returning from one trip, as a part of unpacking, refill your toiletries kit.  
  • Remove those things which are to be disposed or which are not to be used further.

So these were some of the tips on preparing a perfect toiletries kit. 

Now pack your toiletries in style with this beautiful toiletries kit from GUBB USA. It offers a great space to carry everything and keeps you organized while your complete trip. It is light in weight, compact and leakage proof with a zip.

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