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effective use of a nail cutter


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Now these newly formed nails slowly slide down the nail bed, the flat area under your nails. Nail hygiene includes diligently cleaning and trimming fingernails because long fingernails may harbor dirt or germs and thus contribute to spreading of infections.

In this blog, we will share with you some health benefits of using a nail cutter and how to use a nail cutter.

nail cutter is an instrument which has the ability to hide itself when you need it. It often happens with everyone that whenever you prepare yourself to trim your nails, you will never find a nail cutter at its place. So maintain a manicure kit in which you can keep all the nail essentials.

Did you know that your nails give a clue on your overall health? So keeping it trimmed and clean is very important for you to stay away from health diseases. Maintaining proper nail hygiene can control diseases as this prevents the spread of diseases. Here are some health benefits of using a nail cutter

  • Ingrown nails or onychocryptosis– When you have big nails, they tend to pierce the skin. Some people have curved toenails. In that case its corners grow into the soft flesh which is painful and at times leads to swelling or may be infection. This is the most serious medical condition caused by not cutting your nails regularly. So, in order to prevent ingrown nails, keep your nails clean and trimmed.

ingrown nail, nail problems, compare normal nail and ingrown nail

  • Bacterial Infection- People who regularly wear socks and shoes are more prone to bacterial infections because the toenail is not able to breathe as they sweat. So make sure that you wear clean socks and trim your nails regularly in order to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Good hygiene- Clean pretty nails give a sign of good hygiene and maturity. If you do not cut your nails regularly, then there are chances of fungal infection. Tinea is a red itchy rash which usually occurs between toes with white skin patches veering away. These patches can also affect your nails by making them yellow. Make sure that you avoid those soggy patches.
  • Nail injury- Long nails can cause nail injury. If by mistake you hit it hard on the wall or door, it will definitely cause bruises which are painful and dark mark of blood vessels will appear. So avoid keeping big nails.

Looking on to the health benefits of using a nail cutter let us now throw some light on how to use a nail cutter. This may sound weird as you already know how to use a nail cutter but in order to get proper clean and trimmed nails, follow these steps given below-

  • Wash your hands and feet before using a nail cutter. This will remove the dirt and will soften the calcified growth which will make easy for you to trim the nails. Washing your feet is more important because the toe nails are harder. Dry your hands and feet before picking up the nail cutter because you can have control on the cuts in dry environment.

soak hands, wash hands, nail care, manicure, beautiful nails          wash feet, nail care, pedicure, beautiful nails, beautiful feet, soak feet

  • The next step is of choosing the cutting tool. Generally, people use a nail cutter over a pair of manicure scissors. Choose a nail cutter as per the size of your nails. Toenail cutter generally features a heavier bite and a straighter edge to contend with thicker nails and risk of ingrown toenails. Avoid using other dangerous sharp tools like knife, razor blade or regular scissors. They may slip from your hands and injure the skin around the nails.

nail clipper, nail care essential, healthy nails, beautiful nails

  • Maintain your separate set of nail cutters. Before using it, make sure that it is clean. Dip the nail cutter in a bowl of hot soapy water for ten minutes in case it is not clean.

clean nail cutter, nail clipper, nail care essential, beautiful nails

  • Decide a proper place to cut your nails. Avoid cutting your nails around people who are talking.
  • Nails grow about 2.5mm every month. So if you cut your nails in a week or two then its fine. If your nails start hurting at the edges, you might be developing an ingrown nail. Trim it as soon as possible and in case of severe pain, consult a doctor.
  • Cut the opaque, off-white crescents that grow at your nail tips. Cut them almost straight across and round them at the corners. This will reduce the chance of developing ingrown nails.

nail cutter, nail clipper nail care essential, beautiful nails, trimmed nails

  • Cut your nails with a lot of small cuts. Do not try to cut it in one go. Toenails are comparatively small so they can be cut in single cut also.

nail cupper, nail clipper nail care essential, beautiful nails, trimmed nails

  • While cutting toenails, make sure that you do not cut back inwards at the edges. This will increase the likelihood of problems and for diabetic patients can lead to medical intervention.
  • Avoid using same set of nail cutter for both your hands and feet.

nail cutter, nail clipper, trim nails, nail care, beautiful nails      nail cutter, nail clipper, trim nails, nail care, beautiful nails, feet nails

  • Be careful that you do not cut too much. This will expose your sensitive skin beneath the nails which will increase the chance of skin infection.
  • Now use a nail filer to shape your nails. Make sure that the edges of your nails are smooth. Always file your nails gently in one stroke.

nail care, healthy nails, beautiful nails      nail cutter, nail clippers, set of nail clippers, nail care, beautiful nails, trim nails

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