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effective use of a nail buffer


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 Initially, women used to tint their nails with oils or glosses. Eventually, with the advent of nail polish and nail clippers, people started using these instruments in order to maintain their nails.

In this blog, we will share with you the benefits of using a nail buffer and some tips on effectively using it which will make your nails look beautiful.

Nail buffing is an act of polishing your nails using a nail buffer. It is made up of successive layers of finer grit which makes your nails look shiny.

nail buffer is a must to be included in your manicure tool.

It is available in three different types-

  • Buffing blocks- are three dimensional nail buffers with three to four surfaces and each surface has different level of coarseness.

nail buffer, nail buffer block, nail care, manicure tool

  • Buffing discs- are small round discs with fine grit for polishing the nail bed.
  • 3 in one buffer- as the name suggests, it consists of a buffer, emery board and a polisher in one unit.

nail buffer, 4 in 1 , emery board, nail care, manicure tool

The benefits of using a nail buffer are-

  • The act of buffing your nails increases the blood circulation in your nail bed.
  • When you buff off the ridges, it gives you a smoother surface for the nail polish to adhere to.
  • Buffing leaves an attractive sheen on your nails. So you can also skip the step of nail polishing.
  • Buffing your nails even encourages them to grow. This is because of increased blood circulation in your nail bed.
  • It also helps in removing the surface stains.

Buffing your nails gives them natural sheen. However, excess of anything is bad. It should be done gently and in one direction. Vigorous buffing can lead to chipping and drying of nails.

Buffing is an important step of maintaining your nail care routine, so make sure that you follow proper procedure while using a nail buffer.

The procedure for using a nail buffer is divided into two parts-

  • Filing your nails
  • Buffing, polishing and shining your nails


  • Before starting with buffing, it is essential to have clean and polish free nails. So if there is any old nail polish on your nails, remove it. Take a cotton swab or a small piece of cotton. Dip it in a nail polish remover. Rub it against the surface of your nails until all of the polish is removed. If required, dip the cotton again in the remover.

remove nail paint, nail paint, nail care, beautiful nails

  • If you have nails which extend your fingertips, use a nail cutter to trim them first before filing. This will make filing your nails easier. If you face a problem while clipping the sharp corners, do not worry. You can use the nail file to smooth the sharp corners.

nail cutting, nail clipping, nail cutter, nail clipper, nail care, healthy nails, trim nails

  • Place the nail filer at one corner of your nail. Gently slide it from the corner to the middle in a single direction. Lift the nail file and repeat the motion. Repeat this from the other corner also. Keep filing your nails from both the corners until you get your desired shape. Make sure that the motion of your nail filer is not rough back and forth. After getting your desired nail shape, there might be some rough pieces of nail still attached to the tip of you nail. In that case, place the nail file under the tip and in a flicking motion, remove the nail filings to create a smooth edge.

nail filing, nail care, healthy nails, beautiful nails

Oval nail shape looks good on people who have short fingers or wide nail beds. Square nail shape looks good on people who have long fingers with wide nail bed. Since round shape nails require low maintenance, it is good for people who work a lot with their hands and need to keep their nails short. It looks good on people who have long fingers or people who have large hands.

nail shapes, nail care, beautiful nails, filed nails


  • Hold the nail buffer parallel to your nails and place the large grit side of the nail buffer on your nail. Now gently in a unidirectional stroke, buff your nail in X-shape. Make only six to eight strokes because over buffing can damage your nails. Repeat this process for every nail.
  • Hold the nail buffer parallel to your nails and place the finer grit side of the nail buffer on your nail. Now gently in a unidirectional stroke, buff your nail in X-shape. Make only six to eight strokes because over buffing can damage your nails. Repeat this process for every nail.

nail buffing, nail buffer, how to buff your nails, nail care, beautiful nails

  • Place the smooth side of the nail buffer on your nail and move it in tiny circular motion over the whole surface of your nail. Moving the nail buffer in tiny circular motion will give shine to your nails. Continue the motion until your nails become glossy and shiny. Repeat this process for each nail. For even more shine, apply a little bee wax along with a chamois and buff away.

nail buffer, beautiful nails, nail care, healthy nails

  • To give added shine or moisture to your nails, apply cuticle oil to the skin that edges every nail and after applying it to every nail, use your fingers to massage the oil into your cuticles.

prepare cuticle, cuticle oil, massage nails, nail care, cuticle care, beautiful nails, healthy nails

  • Before applying nail polish, if you have just used cuticle oil, then remove the excess oil from the fingers. Dip a cotton swab into alcohol and rub it against your nails to remove the cuticle oil. Removing the oil before applying nail polish will allow it to adhere to the nails. Apply your favorite nail color.

nail paint, nail polish, red nail polish, beautiful nails, nail care,

In order to get beautiful glossy nails, follow the above steps and make sure that you make effective use of your nail buffer.

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Effective use of a nail buffer



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