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easy steps to d.i.y. manicure

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Now, in this blog, we will share with you some easy steps to D.I.Y. manicure at home at a very reasonable cost.

Before starting with the steps involved, let us first gather the tools required for a perfect manicure.

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  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swabs or pads
  • Nail cutter
  • Emery board
  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle trimmer
  • Nail filer
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Liquid Soap
  • Nail brush
  • Towel
  • Cuticle or hand cream
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish
  • Top coat

The steps involved in D.I.Y. manicure are:-

  • Decide your workspace

While carrying out manicure make sure that you wear expendable clothes. Sit at a desk or table where valuable items are not kept because while working with water, nail polish and a nail polish remover, they might spatter or spill. Protect the table with a scrap cloth or newspaper.

manicure, nail care, manicure space

  • Remove your old nail polish

Use a cotton swab or a cotton pad to remove the old nail polish. Dip it in a nail polish remover and rub it on the surface of the nails till the nail polish is removed completely. Non acetone based nail polish removers are gentle to skin but acetone based ones work faster and remain on the nail for a shorter period of time. Despite that the acetone based nail polish remover works faster, do not prefer it if you use it more than once in a month because it may damage your nails.

nail polish, remove old nail polish, remove red nail polish

  • Shape your nails

Use a nail cutter to trim your nails. Do not make them too short. At least a little of the white tip should be visible. Now use a nail filer and create smooth edges and clean shape. Gently drag the nail filer in one direction rather than pushing it. Avoid very hard or coarse nail filers. They may damage your nails. Do not file them too short. Just clean the roughness created by nail clipper. Make sure that you do not round the corners of the nails into the sides of the nail bed. This will increase the chances of developing an ingrown nail.

nail cutting, nail clipping, nail cutter, nail clipper      nail filing, nail filer

  • Buff your nails

Apply some buffing powder and use a block nail buffer to even out the surface and smooth out the ridges. Do not buff too much because thinning too much will weaken your nails and the nail polish will also not adhere to the nails. Perfect edge to edge smoothness or flatness is neither necessary nor practically possible.

nail buffing, nail buffer, how to use nail buffer

  • Soak your nails

In a bowl of warm water, add few drops of liquid soap. Soak your hands in it for a few minutes. This will loosen the dirt and dead skin and will soften the cuticles. Now using a nail brush, gently clean your nails and the skin around. Scrape under your nails gently to remove the dirt if required. If you have dry skin or fragile nails, do not soak them. Just rinse them.

soaking nails, beautiful nails, manicurenail brush, clean nails, clean dirt from nails,

  • Prepare your cuticles

Use a towel and dry your nails. Apply some cuticle cream. You can use a cuticle pusher to push back your nails but neither force them back nor cut them. Even if the instrument is sterile, removing the cuticles can cause infection. Now, wipe off the extra cuticle cream using a towel or a tissue in the direction you have pushed.

cuticle remover, nail cuticle, remove cuticle

  • Apply hand cream

Take a hand cream or lotion and massage your hands with it. Rub it around the nails. Make sure that the moisturizer is not left on the nails because the nail polish will not adhere to the nails with lotion on them. In order to remove lotion from the surface of the nails, take a Q-tip and dip it in a nail polish remover. Rub it on your nails till the lotion is removed.

hand cream, cuticle cream, hand lotion, hand moisturizer

  • Apply a base coat

Apply a clear base coat on your nails. This will smooth the uneven surface still left, help the nail polish last longer and will prevent any kind of stains on the nails. If you wish to apply fake nails, you can apply them now. Dry it before proceeding.

base coat, nail polish, transparent nail polish

  • Polish your nails

Choose your favorite nail color and roll the nail polish bottle between your hands for 10 seconds. Shaking the bottle will create bubbles in it. Switch off the fan while applying nail polish. While painting the nails, if the nail polish gets spread on the skin around the nails, use a toothpick to remove it if it is still wet. If it has become dry, dip a Q-tip in a nail polish remover and rub it on the skin where the nail polish has spread. Be careful while doing it. Do not rub the Q-tip on the nail. Otherwise, you will have to redo that nail. Let your nails dry completely.

nail polish, apply nail polish, red nail polish

  • Apply the top coat

Consequently, finish your nails with a clear top coat for hard, smooth and flake-resistant shield. This step is important particularly for nail designs which do not cover the whole nail. It also adds shine to your nails. Let your nails dry completely. Apply hand cream or lotion to moisturize your nails and enjoy your beautiful nails.

top coat, nail polish, red nail polish, nail paint, red nail paint

Follow these ten easy D.I.Y steps and get a perfect manicure done at home with least cost involved. Flaunt your nails while working in your office as well as in front of your friends.

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