Oval Cushioned Brush Large

Oval Cushioned Brush Large

Rs. 349.00

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This Oval Cushioned Brush - Large has been made with premium quality material that makes it long lasting. Its easy to hold handle gives the perfect grip while your comb your hair. The brush is perfect to detangle your hair and adds more volume to them. It works great with blow-dryers and is totally heat resistant.

This attractive brush is the perfect solution to detangle your hair. Its soft bristles are ideal for scalp surface and its smartly designed handle offers you a perfect grip while combing your hair. Buy this smart brush now to treat your hair with love and care.

How to use

The brush's flexible, ball-tipped bristles detangle your hair and maintain your hair's glossy appearance while the oval cushioned design can be specifically utilised to style your hair into a variety of stunning ways. The brush has a comfortable, easy to hold handle for precision grooming.

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